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DENTAL BANUS CLINIC was founded with the idea of providing high quality dental services. Since 2007 this idea has been growing and today we form a great team that is part of a large family of patients who trust us because of our:

  • the personalized treatment
  • quality of the products we use
  • innovation and development of new technologies
  • constant evolution and professional training
  • hygiene and cleanliness of our facilities.

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Because only patients like you deserve it.

Smile Design

The art of creating a smile is the sum of all possible knowledge; from the simplest to the most complex.

With the fundamental idea of making them as simple as possible for the patient and as precise as possible for the professional.

The aim is to create an aesthetic harmony with the face and respecting all the functions with the rest of the cranial and corporal structures.


The correct position of the teeth in the dental arches, allow:

  • a broad smile
  • correct functioning of breathing, speech and swallowing
  • in children, a good growth and development of their facial bone structures
  • facilitate the cleaning of the teeth and the health of the gums.


Technology has evolved and with it our training, always accompanied by the basic knowledge of our experience.

The treatments that we carry out in our clinic, among others, are:

  • Study of dental aesthetics; extra and intraoral photographic studies (ceramic veneers and veneers of different materials, crowns).
  • 2D and 3D x-rays with low radiation digital images.
  • state of health of the gums (periodontics and dental hygiene)
  • dental alignment (conventional and invisible orthodontics)
  • Diode lasers for minimally invasive surgery
  • oral infections (endodontics)
  • Dental fractures and wisdom tooth fractures (surgery)
  • Re-positioning of missing teeth (implantology)
  • Control of unhealthy habits (Bruxism, APNEA)
  • Cosmetic tooth whitening treatments

Special holiday package

Ask for our special holiday package and keep on smiling

Because patients like you deserve it

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